Insulation and Fireproofing Services

Specialty Coatings is a certified installer for many suppliers and technologies, enabling us to meet any spec and work seamlessly with other contractors. Whether you’re looking for fireproofing to protect your investment, high R-value insulation, or an environmentally friendly insulation product, Specialty Coatings can get the job done. Specialty Coatings places priority on implementing green alternatives to the products and services they provide. Cellulose insulation is non-toxic, renewable, and best of all, possesses very effective insulating properties. Whether you need us to bid on a large-scale, multi-faceted commercial installation, or you need help with thermal and acoustic insulation for a residential project, we can find the right mix of products for the job.


About us

The Specialty Coatings Team

Specialty Coatings, LLC, has built a reputation throughout New England and New York for dependability, quality service and materials, and on-the-job efficiency. The company is well known for its strong team ethic and safety commitment. The team is trained in product application and installation, and also in the safety procedures necessary to keep jobs moving forward without injury or complication. Specialty Coatings is committed to completing any job on time and budget, while adhering to its quality standards and ensuring that other contractors on the job can adhere to schedules as well.


Owner Drew Gelfenbein, PE, has a civil engineering degree from the University of Vermont and hands-on experience in the construction industry. Prior to Specialty Coatings, Drew owned and operated an indoor playground construction business. Drew’s experience overseeing commercial building projects and his entrepreneurial spirit make him the perfect partner for residential and commercial insulation projects. His skills, experience, knowledge, and background enable him to work hand-in-hand with general contractors, construction managers, and individual homeowners to reach a clear understanding of the technical and logistical insulation needs of any project.

Drew is a member of both the Engineering and Civil Engineering Honor Societies, and sits on the board of directors for the Vermont Society of Engineers.

Specialty Coatings is a member of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont, www.homebuildersvt.com.

Recently, one of Speciality Coatings' projects, the Metro Green Apartments in Connecticut, was recognized by Building of America, http://www.buildingofamerica.com.


Speciality Coatings Commercial Projects


On large-scale commercial projects working quickly and efficiently is the name of the game, and Specialty Coatings understands the importance of being a good collaborator. Whether it’s doing a small favor for another subcontractor to keep the job moving forward, or bringing in extra hands to finish on time, you can count on Specialty Coatings to keep sight of the big picture.
We have developed a reputation for working fast without compromising quality. We know that often electrical and other contractors need us to complete fireproofing or insulation work before they begin, so we make staying on schedule a high priority. We have a large installation team and can be flexible to meet the needs of the job at hand.
Safety comes first, and our team is trained in safety procedures and equipment, whether working outdoors on a lift, harnessed to a structure, or in confined spaces.


Speciality Coatings Residential Projects

It used to be that insulation for residential projects was just about the "pink stuff” in the attic, but in recent years our industry has become so much more sophisticated. Specialty Coatings can help you to build a quiet, cozy home from the ground up, with state-of-the-art energy saving insulation products.
When a client envisions his or her new home, that vision is steeped in emotions. People equate "home” with warmth, security, and family. While they may not be thinking about insulation, a product hidden in the walls of their home, good insulation really does help homeowners realize their "home” vision.
Specialty Coatings chooses insulation products based on homeowners’ specific requirements. Whether they are concerned about warmth (high R-value), or have environmental concerns, we can help choose the right product.
Considering a home theater, home office, or just a little sound proofing from the kids’ rooms? Specialty Coatings installs acoustic insulation for a more peaceful and relaxed home lifestyle.
Specialty Coatings can also help keep a residence dry and safe from water concerns. We help homeowners address problems caused by water, either by preventing them from the start, or by repairing existing damage.